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Agricultural Solar PV


For more information on agricultural Solar PV systems, contact our team today!


Fitzgerald Electrical Services is proud to offer a cutting-edge agricultural Solar PV installation service that helps farmers and agricultural businesses harness the sun's power to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability. Our team of Solar PV experts have extensive experience designing and installing agricultural Solar PV systems for various agricultural applications, including irrigation, livestock housing, and grain drying.

We work closely with each client to understand their specific energy needs and provide bespoke agricultural Solar PV solutions that maximize their energy efficiency and minimize their environmental impact.

Are you looking to install Agricultural Solar PV in to your property? Contact our team today!

The advantages of installing agricultural Solar PV

There are many advantages of installing agricultural Solar PV systems:
•    They require little to no maintenance
•    Agricultural Solar PV systems will lower your energy bills
•    You can monitor how much electricity is being generated
•    They increase your properties value

Contact our experts at Fitzgerald electrical services for more information on agricultural Solar PV systems!

How much can you save with Solar PV installations?

On average Solar PV installations have been shown to save a property that is 20m2, around €1,100 per annum. This depends entirely on the system, amount of panels, the size of your property and electricity usage within your property.

For competitive prices on agricultural Solar PV, contact our team today!

Agricultural Solar PV FAQs

What is the catchment area of our agricultural Solar PV installation services?

At Fitzgerald electrical services, we cater our agricultural Solar PV services to clients in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, Galway, and the surrounding areas.

Do I need to pay an electricity bill if I install Agricultural Solar PV panels?

This depends. If solar panels power your home electricity supply, you won’t have to pay third-party bills. If you still use electricity not generated by your solar panel system, you will have to pay for this.

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