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 Invest in your company’s energy efficiency with Electrical Installations from Fitzgerald Electrical Services


Installing a Solar PV System in your home is a fantastic way of making your property more eco-friendly while reducing energy bills.

At Fitzgerald Electrical Services, we’re specialists in solar panel design and installation, offering bespoke systems to suit your needs and requirements.

With an emphasis on quality customer service, we offer clients full system planning and property inspection services before installing your unique solar panel system. With decades of industry experience, we’re always on hand to answer any questions about Solar PV Systems, offering a guaranteed reliable, transparent, and honest service.

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How do domestic Solar PV systems work?

Domestic Solar PV systems work by converting solar energy into electricity that can be used to power all electronics and appliances in the home or business.

Are you looking to install domestic Solar PV? Contact the experts at Fitzgerald electrical services today

What is the advantages of installing Solar PV systems?

There are many advantages of installing domestic Solar PV systems:
•    Domestic Solar PV systems are a renewable source of energy
•    They help reduce energy bills
•    They require very little maintenance
•    They last a long period of time
•    Domestic Solar PV systems increase your properties value

For expert advice on your Solar PV installations, contact our team today!

Domestic Solar PV FAQ’s

What can domestic Solar PV be used for in the home?

Domestic Solar PV can be used to power all electrical appliances within your home, such as TV and electric showers.

Do we plan our domestic Solar PV systems?

At Fitzgerald electrical services, we fully plan all domestic Solar PV systems and a property check to advise you on what would best suit your property.

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