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Emergency Lighting


We offer full Emergency Lighting Design & Installation services for clients in all industries


If you own a commercial property, installing emergency lighting is a legal requirement. Emergency lighting refers to emergency signs and fire signs that light to show the way to exit in the event of an emergency occurring and cutting off the main fire supply. As well as being a legal requirement, emergency lighting is vital to protect the safety of your colleagues and clients in the event of a fire.

Here at Fitzgerald Electrical Services, we provide full emergency lighting installation services suitable for clients in all industries.
With decades of experience, we tailor-make emergency lighting systems to suit your specific needs, installing emergency exit signs, fire exit signs, and more to protect your property.

Contact the team at Fitzgerald Electrical Services for more infomraiotn on our full range of Commercial & Industrial Emergency Lighting services

Offering Complete Emergency Lighting Services

Commercial Emergency Lighting Installation
Emergency Lighting Design
Emergency Lighting Maintenance
Emergency Lighting Advice & Consultations
Emergency Exit Signs
Industrial Emergency Lighting Installation
Emergency Lighting Repairs
Emergency Lighting Servicing
Fire Exit Signs

Emergency Lighting FAQ

Is emergency lighting a legal requirement?

Yes, emergency lighting is a legal requirement in public places and workplaces in Ireland. All emergency lighting installations must comply with IS:3217 2013 + A1:2017 regulations.

How often should emergency lighting be tested?

Emergency lighting should be tested on a quarterly basis. Fitzgerald Electrical Services provide professional Clare emergency light testing for domestic and commercial clients.

Where is emergency lighting required?

Emergency lighting is required in public buildings to direct individuals to the evacuation route in the event of an emergency. These lights can be installed on the pathway to the exit as well as over exits, and on ramps, aisles, corridors, and escalators.

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