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Periodic Inspection Reports


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A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is a professional, full-service inspection and report regarding the electronics in your company. These reports are required by law and are carried out by professional testing companies.
It is recommended that electrical installations are inspected and tested periodically as appropriate to their use and environment to verify compliance with the National Rules for Electrical Installations – ET101.

A Periodic Inspection Report (PIR) is intended to identify the condition of an electrical installation, be it good or bad. Following the periodic inspection and testing of an installation, a schedule of any damage, defects, potential hazards, and recommendations is drawn up for company consideration.
Here at Fitzgerald Electrical Services, we offer MFT1731 Multifunction testing, Thermal imaging testing, and Ultrasound scanning for reliable, efficient, and transparent Periodic Inspection Reports for all industries.

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How Do Periodic Inspection Reports Work?

  • Visiting Your Property
    A member of the Fitzgerald Electrical Services team will visit your commercial or industrial property to carry out your Periodic Inspection Report. This usually involves a short consultation before the inspection begins to determine the type of industry you are in and the electronics that need inspection.

  • The Inspection
    Your inspector will then begin the PIR, closely inspecting and testing all electrical appliances for any defects, damage, or potential hazards. Electrical equipment will be rated on a scale from 1-4 to identify any serious defects showing or any repairs needed.

  • The Report
    After your inspection, your results will be analysed and a report compiled. This report, drawn up by a qualified and experienced PIR tester, will give recommendations on how to improve the safety and functionality of your electrical system, and outline any repairs needed or defects that require attention.

Periodic Inspection Reports FAQ

How often should I carry out a periodic inspection report?

A periodic inspection report should be carried out every five years. Fitzgerald Electrical Services offer periodic inspection report services to companies in all industries.

Is a PIR a legal requirement?

Yes. It is a legal obligation to have a PIR carried out in workplaces, public places, and rented properties every five years.

What is the cost of a Periodic Inspection Report?

The cost of a periodic inspection report varies depending on the type of company or home you own. Get in touch with the team at Fitzgerald Electrical Services for a free quote on our full range of electrical services including PIRs today.

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