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Solar PV for Schools


For more information on Solar PV for schools, contact our team today!


Fitzgerald Electrical Services provides clients with a comprehensive installation service tailored to Solar PV for schools. We understand that schools often have limited budgets and are always looking for ways to reduce costs while improving sustainability. That is why we work closely with each school to plan and install bespoke Solar PV for Schools that maximizes energy efficiency and minimizes operating costs.

 Our team of experienced Solar PV installers have the knowledge and expertise to ensure each installation is safe, reliable, and built to last.

Contact Fitzgerald electrical services today for a free quote on Solar PV for schools!

Why choose our installers for Solar PV for schools?

There are many reasons why you should consider choosing our team to install your Solar PV for schools:
•    Our team have over a decade installing Solar PV for schools
•    Our team are fully qualified electricians
•    We create bespoke Solar PV for schools to ensure that your energy needs are met to the highest standard

Are you looking  install Solar PV for schools? If so, contact our experts today!

Does Solar PV for schools require regular maintenance?

At Fitzgerald Electrical Services, our Solar PV for schools has no moving parts. This is a great benefit as it means you will not have to pay for regular maintenance to keep your Solar PV systems up and running. They require little to no maintenance at all.

For competitive prices on Solar PV for schools, contact our team at Fitzgerald Electrical Services today!

Solar PV for Schools

How much can you save with Solar PV for schools?

The average building at 20m2 can save up to €1,100 per year using Solar PV

What is the catchment area of our Solar PV for schools?

At Fitzgerald electrical services, we cater our Solar PV for schools to clients in Clare, Limerick, Tipperary, Galway, and the surrounding areas.

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